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Benoit Duguay holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Marketing Major, from Sir George Williams University (1975), a Masters of Business Administration from Concordia University (1980) and a Ph.D. in Communication from UQAM University (2000).

Professor at ESG UQAM School of Management since 2003, he is also a Researcher at the Chair in Public Relations and Marketing Communication. He previously pursued a career in Marketing and Communications, mainly in the computer industry, in multinational corporations and small and medium businesses.

He passes on his knowledge and experience through consulting and coaching, frequent media interventions, teaching and publishing books and articles.

His first book, published in 2005, Consommation et image de soi, reveals consumer expectations and explains the relationship between self-image and consumption. It was a success in Canada and France, the first edition being exhausted in only 2 months. In 2006, this book has been nominated for the Business Book Award.

A second book, published in 2007, Consommation et luxe, criticizes the rise of luxury and its generalization as a business model. It shows that the race for luxury has been devastating, for consumers most certainly, but above all for companies that have engaged in as escalation logic, the risk of which they do not want to see. This book aims to provoke thought about luxury in the hope of influencing sales and marketing strategies. January 21 2008, it was chosen as Book of the Week by Infopresse.

Published in 2009, the third book of this trilogy on Consumption, Consommation et nouvelles technologies, highlights the role of technologies in the emergence of a hyperconsumption society. The author explains how technologies have transformed the economy and the relationship to work, and reconfigured our relations, which are in turn and at the same time virtual, global, instantaneous, ephemeral, superficial, etc., for better and for worse.

A fourth book, Le système de consumation, was published in 2014. Beyond a study of consumption and of the system around which it is organized, it is a reflection on our whole society that this book offers, for consumption, much like advertising, is a reflection of society.

Fields of specialization

  • The consumption phenomenon, and concepts and notions related to it: expectations, needs, fashion, product-image, self-image...
  • Responsible consumption and commerce
  • Buyer and seller behaviour
  • Marketing, sales, advertising and mass communications
  • Uses of technology

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