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Consommer, consumer

Dérives de la consommation




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  • Canada: Nomade Diffusion
  • France and Belgum: DG Diffusion
  • Switzerland: Servidis


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Other countries

The book will be available in France, en Belgium and Switzerland in the spring of 2015. Readers from countries other than Canada can order the book at or from éditions Liber.


« This book is not a vengeful criticism of consumption or of any give type of product; others have amply diabolized such things. My criticism will rather be moderate and constructive, driven by the desire to understand and be understood. I therefore study the influences that have contributed to the advent of the consumer society, as well as its negative effects and the dangers it engenders. I also discuss certain phenomena that characterize it, hyperconsumption and obsolescence, of course, but also the popularity of mobile technologies, the "tribes" phenomenon, those of Apple and the iPhone in particular, and the rhetoric of advertising. Finally, I will propose potential solutions to correct postmodern excesses of the consumation society and conducive of a more responsible consumption and trade. Beyond consumption and the system around which it revolves, it is a reflection on our whole society of excess that I invite. » ( B. D. )


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Media coverage:

  • Interview with journalist Marjorie April in the context of her economic column on the «L'heure de pointe» show, broadcasted on Radio-Canada's première chaîne in Toronto December 2 2014.
  • Live interview with host Louis Lemieux on the «Lemieux, c'est le matin» show (at 229:30), broadcasted on 91,9 fm in Montreal November 27 2014.
  • Live interview with host Lynn St-Laurent on the «Questions d'argent — Consommation» show, broadcasted on the «Argent» channel November 25 2014.
  • Live interview from the «Salon du livre» with host Philippe Desrosiers on the «Les éclaireurs» show, broadcasted on Radio-Canada's première chaîne in Montreal November 22 2014.
  • Thirty minutes live interview with host Isabelle Maréchal, broadcasted on 98,5 fm in Montreal November 18 2014.

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